A USDA Rural Home Loan is a Great Option For Families

A USDA rural home loan is a great option for families who want to experience a rural lifestyle. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Office offers these programs in order to give families and individuals an opportunity for home ownership. The government knows that affordable housing is essential to the vitality of communities in rural America.

For purposes of rural home loans, a rural area is defined as having a population of fewer than 20,000. Towns that are located near major cities, such as suburbs, do not meet this definition. A USDA Rural Home Loan is granted based on income, and may be offered to those whose income is 115% of the HUD median income for the area where they want to build or buy a house. At the Farm Loan Center, we specialize in helping people navigate the loan application process for USDA Rural Home loans. We will begin by helping you determine whether you qualify, and which loan best meets your needs. 

At the Farm Loan Center, our special focus is on veterans. We provide lending services across the country, helping applicants understand and apply for many types of government housing loans. 

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You might be surprised to know how many veterans have rural roots. The Veterans Administration (VA) estimates that there are 4.7 million veterans living in rural areas today. The USDA has noted that a disproportionate number of veterans come from rural counties, and most return home when their service has ended. If you have served our country and have a dream of bringing your family up in the country, the Farm Loan Center can help you find a home loan that is right for you.

Maybe you have been longing for a quiet place in rural Texas where you can raise a few cattle. Perhaps you dream of growing crisp, juicy apples in your own Oregon orchard. While you served your country far from home, did you dream of raising dairy goats in Kansas? No matter the rural lifestyle you imagine for yourself and your family, the Farm Loan Center can help make it a reality! Contact us today at (800) 644-9039, or apply online. The Farm Loan Center specializes in USDA Rural Home Loans and VA Rural Home Loans, and we are honored to help those who served our country.