Farm Loans for Veterans: Where to Start

Helping with farm loans for veterans is something that the people at the Farm Loan Center have a lot of experience with. Because of that experience, we are aware of programs intended to help veterans buy developed rural properties, we can help. There are several loan programs intended to help people develop rural lands, and Farm Loan Center has experience helping navigate these programs.
One of the most suitable farm loans for veterans is the VA Farm Loan. The Veterans Administration guarantees and insures farm loans that allow for veterans to purchase a primary home or refinance their current home in a rural, suburban or urban environment. The property must be typical of the area, but aside from that there is no limit to the acreage.
To qualify for these farm loans, the highest and best use of the land should be for residential purposes. Tillable ground is allowed, along with limited farm animals and small farming. Non-commercial outbuildings are allowed. Working commercial farms are not allowed.
If you’re looking for help navigating the available farm loans for veterans options, information is your ally. The technical details of the VA Loans For Farms are as follows:
  • No down payment with 100% financing
  • Competitive low interest rates
  • Seller allowed to pay all closing costs
  • No VA loan limit
  • VA funding fee applies (funding is waived with VA service connected disability)
  • Credit scores of 600+ (580+ with 10% down payment and 3 months reserves)
  • Higher limit on debt ratios.
The Farm Loan Center provides lending options for farms and agricultural properties in all 50 states. We provide real estate financing and VA farm loan options to more than 300,000 farmers and rural homeowners. We specialize and take pride in offering help with loans options for veterans.
Anyone looking for farm loans for veterans should contact the Farm Loan Center at (800) 644-9039 or apply online. Let us put our years of experience to work helping you buy your dream home.

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