Using a Rural Development Home Loan to Invest In Your Future

A rural development home loan will help you make your dream a reality if you’re looking to purchase land in a rural area, especially if you’re a first time buyer. The United States Department of Agriculture wants to help rural communities survive and thrive by offering programs through their Rural Development Office to provide assistance to families and individuals in purchasing homes in rural areas.
In order to qualify for a rural development home loan, the population of the area the property is located in must be under 20,000 and must be a certain distance away from large metropolitan areas. These rural development home loans come with 100% financing with no down payment or cash reserves necessary.
No matter what part of the country you’re looking to settle down in, from California to Florida, the Farm Loan center will help you work with lenders to secure a rural development home loan to find the perfect home for your needs. 
If you have questions about whether or not you qualify for the rural development home loan, the Farm Loan Center will help you navigate the process. And if for some reason, this loan isn’t the right fit for you, the Farm Loan Center can also help you navigate the process for these other loan types:
  • VA Rural Home Loan
  • Rural Home Loan
  • Hobby Farm Loan
  • VA Farm Loan
  • USDA Rural home loan
  • Bare Land and Rural Site Loan
The number of homeless veterans is on the decline, dropping by nearly half in the last decade. Almost one million homeless veterans and their families have found homes or avoided becoming homeless thanks to government programs. Despite this positive trend, the issue of homeless veterans persists and because of this, the Farm Loan Center continues to make the challenge of reducing the number of homeless veterans a priority.
The Farm Loan Center is here to help you navigate the process for applying for loans such as the rural development home loan, we are experts in rural loans with a special interest in helping veterans. At the Farm Loan Center, we want to help you find the home loan that’s right for you and your family. Contact us at (800) 644-9039 to begin planning with our team or apply now online.